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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  December 12, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PST

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i guess. >> joy: again, you can catch comics with benefits on current tv friday at 9:00 p.m. eastern. it's a great event. all the proceeds go to help victims of hurricane sandy. i thank all my guests. thank you very much. come again tomorrow. we'll see you. >> welcome to the "young turks." i've got to be honest with you. we've got a powerful show for you tonight. first of all it got ugly in michigan, right to work laws the republicans are trying to push in. look what happened. >> he's got a gun! >> i'm going to tell you exactly how he got there. that was a fox contributor
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getting punched in the face. we'll tell you all about that in a minute. we'll go to zero dark 30. they got a torture scene in there. is that how we got bin laden? not at all. it makes me mad, as well. >> we've got fox on fox crime. >> all the white people didn't move. how great is that. >> i saw chris matthews on nbc i would say dog whistle. >> dog whistle. we'll talk to him later in the show. >> then we got oliver stone not a big deal. then we got richard rockefeller. i'll save it for later in the show. all right and plus, reality t.v. isn't real. who knew? crazy. it's go time. [ ♪ theme ♪ ]
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[ crowd chanting ] >> that's michigan, where the republicans are trying to jam through right to work laws. and 12,000 unionized workers showed up to protest. they reached capacity in the capitol building at 2,200. they shut out everybody else abc news report. >> michigan republican controlled state legislature approved the controversial right to work bill today 58-51. >> the bill is passed. >> why shut people out? why did we do this? i can tell you why because good ideas get debated and bad ones get rammed through with police protection in a lame duck legislature.
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[ crowd chants ] >> well, governor snyder had run his one tough nerd and hence that's buy they're chanting one term nerd. they are very mad at him for flip-flopping. we'll get to that in a second. then, they got really mad at steven crowder a fox contributor and so-called comedian. he got in workers' faces and it didn't work out we will for everybody involved. >> leave it alone. >> get out of my face! get the [bleep] out of my face. i didn't hurt nobody. get out of my face! back off! back the [bleep] off! >> ok!
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>> he's got a gun! >> i'll kill the [bleep] with a gun! kind of killed plenty of [bleep] with a gun. >> that is crazy. that never should have happened. punching him was wow control totally unacceptable. the guy talking about guns, are you kidding me? somebody arrest that guy. had no, that's madness. steven crowder, what are you doing? you were trying to provoke people and you think it's cute. it's not cute, these guys worried about their wages families, heat care, their pension, and you get in their facendctllllmumu andnd t tn whenwhouou provokeroke themhendnd they hit you and you have that smug smile at the end. they should have never hit him. you also shouldn't be provoking people who are really hurt.
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that's why they're so angry. they were ripping down the americans for prosperity tent. on that, i say hell, yes. it's those guys, now there's of course a koch brothers funded institution that caused this mess in the first place. governor snyder back in the day claimed he was a moderate and said: >> now that was back in december of 2011, just a year ago. now, all of a sudden, at the front of his agenda. why? because he was lying! he's always been lying! he took the money from the koch brothers, et cetera and he always was going to do this. in fact, here is former michigan gop mayorman, ron -wiser as he's talking about their plan dating back to 2007. he talks about how he met former governor john angler from
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michigan and former oklahoma governor keithing and dick debos and americans for prosperity and they patched up this plan. here he is talking about it. >> i was talking to governor keithing the last day to pass right to work, and i was with governor engleer. what we determined was that to win that election and be sure to win it, we put in a governor. we decided to wait until we had a governor. now, we have the legislature and we have the governor. >> all the way back in 2007, they have a meeting saying hey hey, let's wait until we get a republican governor in place then that governor can pretend he's not going to take away the worker's rights and the moment we have the majority, we strike and take away the workers rights and we screw them over.
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that was their plan all along. billionaire donors love that plan because they've been screwing their workers all the time. he took away a thousand blue collar jobs in 2000 and he took away 100 white collar jobs in 2009, moved them to costa rica. who got snyder elected? who were the donors? look at that, david koch, paul singer a huge hedge fund manager, bought up a parts company and held the governor hostage so we can rescue g.m. and ford. the devos family, the amway guys who screw over their employees on a regular basis they don't
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give them pensions, health care or anything. of course, the michigan chamber of commerce which makes screwing over workers a professional living. that's what they do for a living. these are the guys that back -- do you think snyder had a change of heart? no this was the plan all along and we've got it on tape. now, let me tell you more. talk to americans for prosperity and you go and ask them hey did you guys back this? it was your tent, your money that got poured in. i love this answer. >> oh, please! cookies and coffee. if you mean millions upon millions of dollars that's exactly what you did. they couldn't help bragging. americans for prosperity put out this statement:
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>> in other words, of course we want to do it in the heart of michigan so we rip out the union's heart right there and show it to their face. they're unabashed about it. scott has hagerstrom says: >> you see that? it's also political. if you weaken the unions enough, they don't have enough money to fight back and then you can totally bull doze them. in fact, how do they influence the republicans in that state? well we've got some news from detroit free press on that:
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>> cenk: in other words we pressure all the republican legislators that we bought and say you do as we tell one crush those workers. why? because they're going to make more when their workers paid less. let me show you how they have screwed the workers for decades. this is a chart where the corporations have their profits and their taxes. in the beginning they actually were getting taxed more because in 1952 than their share of profits. will you look at that, golden years, 1950's to 1960's. what's happening? it's proportional or even more taxes. there they complain about high taxes, i get it. in the 1970's, even beginning of the 1980's. then what that is?
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because they fixed the laws in their fave, because they bought all those politicians their profits soar and taxes plummet. they used to play a third of the taxes in this country now they only pay 9%. you know what thattance? we pay more. they shifted the taxes on to us. did they shift the money on to us? of course not. look at the next chart this is my favorite chart. i always show it to you because it's so important. productivity going up, that's the yellow line. wages and compensation flatline. how? they crushed unions, i'm not a lover of unions, but at least they stick up for workers. at least they're a slight balance to the tremendous power of these corporation, but what the corporations did other than crushing workers is that they bought all the politicians they fixed the laws in their favor. they pocketed all the extra productivity gained, put it in
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their pocket. did they pay taxes on it? hell no, lowered their faxes. they buy people like snyder, oh, no it's not my priority. i'm going to take your rights, power and money away and put it in the pockets of my don donors. >> it's a good thing pro worker, giving freedom of choice to workers. it's about economic development. we will get more and better jobs coming to michigan, because we're going to be more competitive. >> oh, pro worker yeah. let me show you pro job nonsense. the real numbers, in right to work states, four out of five toyota received the most federal aid are right to work states. i thought they were supposed to be great. why are they taking federal aid? they're lying to you. wages in right to work states are 3.2% lower.
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was they are because then you can't work together to make sure that you have power. they take the power away and they lower your wages. give me another one. the rate of health insurance is 2.6% lower. they abuse their own power to do this to you. give me one more. the rate of pensions is 4.8% lower. they're not going to give you health care, decent wages pensions if they don't have to, but this smug ass snyder continues w. his b.s. >> unions should be more responsive to workers in terms of showing why they're a great flies join. i've met people that said they would like to choose to join or have the flexibility to not to and they believe they'll get better accountability from unions. it will be a positive. >> a positive for unions? will you shut up already you're
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such an obviously goddamn liar. just shut up about it. positive for unions my ass. you had a plan all around to rob those folks now pretending you're for unions. you know what they actually want? this happened the other day. union and non-union workers fighting each other. their main, pension and health care was taken away and they pit one another against you. look what happened here. >> you don't see my point of view because i support everybody, i'm not for myself. >> it shouldn't be a condition of employment that you have to join the union and have to pay dues as a condition of employment to feed your family. >> that's what they want. they want you guys to fight each other while they take all your money. don't let them do it. they ruined our democracy. it's past time to fight bacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacac (vo) this friday current tv presents a special event. >> nobody knows disasters like comedians.
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that's why for my upcoming benefit for victims of hurricane sandy, i booked the strongest, smartest comics i could find. my comedian friends and i will raise money to rebuild homes and lives one laugh at a time. so tune in next friday for my all star comedy special. >> together we can get new yorkers back to yelling at strangers and ignoring our friends.
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>> if you're right the whole word is going to know this. >> at the center of the greatest manhunt in history. >> the c.i.a.'s biggest secret is that its best buys women. because she's working undercover as a c.i.a. agent she can't get credit. >> in the intelligence business, you work from a lot of sources.
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>> >> cenk: zero dark 30 is the movie about our manhunt on osama bin laden. there's a scene where someone gets tottured. he took the side that yes i'm finally vindicated my pro torture argument. go ahead moral compass of television. >> i've had to listen to people on this show for years tell me well the c.i.a. program didn't work. waterboarding didn't work, and i knew that was just not true. it did get information for terrorists that eventually led to not just the killing of osama bin laden but a lot of
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victories. >> cenk: that's of course absolutely not true, as i'm about to show you. conservatives, liberal hollywood, don't believe the movies approximate the minute there's a movie on their side, i told you we were right. >> it is continued because the mainstream media loves torture. >> there's no question in the record that shows or in other research that i've done that the name of the career led us to bin laden's hideout. emerged in these harsh interrogations. >> cenk: there's no question. i'm about to show you the question. all those guys in the establishment media. did dick cheney say torture is great, we pray to you tort u. is great frauds.
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when they asked the guy who wrote the movie wait a minute, you seem to imply that torture is what led to the capture and that's not what happened. he says: >> cenk: not that it led to the bin laden capture. it's part of the program. oh well, i didn't make a documentary. that this is the one they're quoting. who knows about this? people in the senate. john mccain, because of course, he has been tortured in the past has a lot of experience about this and more important he has intelligence on this. he says of the. >> it didn't work. he goes one step further mccain
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also says: >> cenk: that's the reality. not what ignatius and scarborough say to justify their immoral love for torture. we're going to bring in a real expert lindsey moran a former c.i.a. operative and author of the book, "bill press show" my cover, my life as a c.i.a. spy. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> within the c.i.a., do they buy into this enhanced interrogation thing or people go well what am i going to do, i'm going to do it? >> well, you know, my experience with the agency is that most
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intelligence officers do not buy into this. moral implications aside most intelligence officers, i think agree and intelligence experts agree that open hand interrogation techniques and torture do not yield quality intelligence so, you know, this notion that a film, which shows the torture scene used in the film about osama bin laden that somehow proves enhanced interrogation techniques work is kind of preposterous. frankly, i think those assumptions degrade the role of real intelligence, that that's the way to get quality intelligence when we've seen again and again nine times out of 10, that produces faulty intelligence.
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he was water boarded over 100 tiles. it was reported by various official intelligence contacts that the lead to the courier did not come from those waterboarding or torture sessions. >> cenk: if waterboarding worked why would you do it 183 times. this is absurd. >> exactly. >> cenk: there's another absurd part of the story which is also amazing, a woman pursued bin laden, had the right lead. she explains what the character is let's watch that first. >> there are two narratives about the location of osama bin laden. >> she heads the cast of zero dark 30. the film gibbs on 9/11 and ends with the killing of osama bin laden. her character maya is based on a real life woman who was there. >> this movie and this is a very strong, incredible woman at the center of the greatest
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manhunt in history. because she's working undercover as a c.i.a. agent she can't get credit. >> now we hear the incredible news that she actually was denied a promotion. my god how in the world could that happen? >> it doesn't surprise me at all, i have to say. >> so why doesn't it surprise you? how could the woman who was critical in getting bin laden not get a promotion in the c.i.a.? >> you know, i just chuckled reading this story because there is a former intelligence official quoted anonymously and i don't know why this was anonymous, because i thought it was so brilliant who said the c.i.a. is kind of like middle schoolers with clearances. this is very much in keeping with my experience at the agency, as i've said before. the agencies biggest secret is that its best buys women. i don't know necessarily know that this woman was an operations officer but she was obviously a very savvy targetter
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who evidently was one of the initial advocates of going after bin laden via his couriers. it doesn't surprise me she was passed over for a promotion. we used to joke that there was a reverse darwinism in effect where the mediocre rise to the top and the shining stars would not, particularly if they are women. >> that's amazing. one more question about this. as i read the story of how she pursued him i thought it was the most logical thing i ever heard. in order to reach bin laden because he gets messages out at some point he needs a courier that gets the messages out. how could somebody at the c.i.a. and those opposed to this line of thinking not think that that's the most obvious thing they ever heard in their lives. what happens inside the agency when obvious ideas like this have to fight through so much
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bureaucracy to get a success. >> you hear they want officers to think outside the box but in a way that's not encouraged at the agency. it does seem obvious. one of the reasons i think you have this interrogation or torture scene in zero dark 30 is because if you were to put on screen the real painstaking and order with us process of intelligence collection and analysis it's not that interesting to watch. you know, from what i understand this young woman really advocated this and didn't get support follow her superiors. when she received an award, she was rightly upset when other people received an award who had tried to quash her idea. she was rightly upset and lambasted them. she was lambasted in turn for having a big ego. the service is made up with people with big egos. if we were to eliminate all the gentlemen, with big egos from
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the c.i.a., there would be virtually nothing there. >> punishing her for that is absurd. if i got bin laden i've have a pretty big ego too. >> thank you for joining us and shedding light on this. we really appreciate it. >> cenk: thank you. >> when we come back, the shocking fact that reality t.v. is not the real. the details are that are amazing. >> justice scalia with a disastrous analogy on gay rights. >> a lot of us are campaign professionals and we want to do everything we can to help our side and sometimes we think that's voter i.d. >> a great admission on voter i.d. >> i get out the chains, i get free i save my wife and i kill all the white people in the jennifer > i want the people who watch our show to be able to come away armed with facts and
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the arguments to feel confident in their positions. i want them to have the data and i want them to have the passion. but it's also about telling them that you're put on this planet for something more! i want this show to have an impact beyond just informing. an impact that gets people to take action for themselves. as a human being that's really important. this is not just a spectator sport.
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ally interesting days. >> we have a few. first of all rowdy? never. >> you can get j.r. riled up. actually anna is the rowdiest. >> this may get you rowdy. we know what went on with voter i.d. laws. we know about the voter
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suppression history. today, the pew foundation, scott cantor, his tweets are protected. he was paid $3,000 by the romney campaign for data consulting. his quote on his twitter page, which you can get into is changing the way campaigns are run and won. he seems to have done neither of those things. >> cenk: secret tweet? >> but listen to what he had to say here about the way they approach campaigns and voter suppression. >> i don't hold out any hope that there's going to be any great grand bipartisan agreement on voter i.d. laws or internet voting. at the end of the day a lot of us are campaign professionals and we want to do everything we can to help and stills we think that's voter i.d.'s, sometimes longer lines whatever that may be. >> every once in a while they just admit it.
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we want longer lines because less democrats vote that way. >> he was so brazen about that. it's on the record, it's public and kind of incredible that he can be brazen about it and get away with it. >> i love that he kept his tweet secret but didn't keep that secret. >> the fact that, you know, we talk about brazen. he probably doesn't think he's being brazen. he's just doing what he does what he goes to work. >> it's been a flood since the election. there's no agenda. for the most part. it's oh, we lost, now who cares, it didn't look and we hit it, let's get it out there. they think people are going to forget by the time the next cycle comes around. >> the numbers are not in their favor. people are being born and growing up in this country who are the kind of people they want to suppression. it doesn't matter that kind of suppression they are going to be doing. that hateful rhetoric goes on, as anna just said. speaking of rhetoric, we go to
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76-year-old anthony scalia plugging his book. some in our newsroom were upset that he plugs a book. the things he's saying when he was asked about his book by a college freshman, he was asked about homo sexuality. this is what he responded of the. >> he's equating murder and momentumhomosexuality. >> that is an age old trick with conservatives. i feel a little strange telling a supreme court justice what the reality is, because he's supposed to be an intelligent individual, but when you murder someone, you're harming someone. if you have two consenting adults that want to be in a relationship, you're not harming anyone at all. >> he might see two guys kissing
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and that would totally hurt his eyes though. >> >> cenk: first he did a condescending line, i would thought at prince top, you would understand this. >> to a college freshman, i thought you would understand reducing to the absurd. >> if you were saying crimes that don't hurt anyone else, let's take that to their logical extreme, smoking possibility whatever, that's fine. there's a whole set of crimes of morality when you hurt somebody else murder or beastalty when you're hurting the poor animal. >> there are two cases behind the court dealing with gay marriage. now we go to the fun and the silly, it's a show that i love,
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storage wars, a show that we sit here bandying about. it turns out it may have been staged. >> no! >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> say it ain't so! >> dave hester, the man known for his yup is suing because of storage wars. let's take a listen to dave hester. >> when storage units are abandoned, the treasures within are put up for auction. >> bring it on. >> two! >> 250. [ auctioneer ] >> hester is saying no! they are stuffing the lockers either putting things in there at a&e in the lockers to make the show more interesting. >> i don't like this show. i watch a lot of these types of reality shows. this one i don't care much
1:36 am
about. this is absurd. next they're going to say hoarders, they scratched trash in the house. >> everything on t.v. is fake, except this show where we have a real conversation. seriously, those houses are not for sale and the guys featured on the shows already bought their houses. it's amazing the whole thing's a lie. >> hester was fired because he challenged them. he makes $25,000 per episode $25,000 signing bonus, $25,000 just for nothing, $124,500 expense account. >> thank you guys. >> when we come back. we've got breaking news, there's a shooting in portland. of course there is.
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we'll tell you the kind of damage that's been done, unfortunately, as usual and then later in the program,al very stone. i'll be talking to him. >> you did go to vietnam. >> i went there for a mixture of reasons, but certainly i believed in fighting communism. [ male announcer ] red lobster's hitting the streets to tell real people about our new 15 under $15 menu. oh my goodness! oh my gosh this looks amazing! [ male announcer ] our new maine stays! 15 entrees under $15 seafood, chicken and more! oo! the tilapia with roasted vegetables! i'm actually looking at the wood grilled chicken with portobello wine sauce. that pork chop was great! no more fast food friday's! we're going to go to red lobster. yep. [ male announcer ] come try our new menu and sea food differently! and introducing 7 lunch choices for just $7.99. salad, sandwiches, and more.
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>> we're back on the "young turks." it's breaking news, you're looking at portland oregon where 60 shots were fired. there was a man in camouflage and a mask, apparently two people are killed, multiple wounded, as we look at that scene and you see the theater in the background, it reminds me and a lot of people of aurora, colorado. you look a the that scene and think here we go again. how many shootings is it going to take? i'm sure the n.r.a. will come
1:41 am
out tomorrow and say only if more people were armed in that mall, everybody could have been shooting at each other and the situation would have been better. at some point we've got to do sane gun control. >> all right my interview with oliver stone i talked to him a little earlier about his book and show time series, untold history. we've got a new conversation about domestic and foreign policy for president obama. first, let me show you what he thought about president obama overall. >> what's your view on him is he a real progressive? >> no, i think right now obama is a manager of a wounded empire and he's committed himself with his cabinet to maintain the empire. not only maintain it, i'd go further. i think that th behind thececes, 's ee's veeyer effective to keep us very strong militarily. he's looked, essentially the pentagon is achieving and by
1:42 am
2020 will have achieved full spectrum dominance over the entire earth. >> so it's an interesting opinion. look he's a good manager of an empire that we shouldn't have and that his no need for this dominance over all the things in the world, and that this is not the kind of progressive obviously that we thought we were getting necessarily. now, so he had mixed feelings about president obama but he had much stronger words for conservatives that never fought in wars, and i don't know if you know this, but oliver stone served in vietnam and we talked about that. >> i feel if you don't go into the military, then you lose credibility. >> we have a world where the guys who are the war heroes are considered soft on national security, et cetera and the guys who never fought, dick cheney got five deferments from vietnam. >> 10. >> i used to say 10 just to get
1:43 am
him to say only five. you did go. >> i certainly thought fighting communism, my father raised me that way. i was raised east coast and went to privileged schools. believed in what we were doing. many people like you i would beat beautiful women, they would talk to me about liberal ideas. i changed. over the first 35 years, i was hypnotized and really walking in my sleep. >> i didn't know that he had been a conservative for 35 years. in fact, when we got to domestic policy, he had really interesting ideas on how we lost progressives in this country and what's happened instead. >> he was our candidate. then he said he was not going to take the public option. he was going to go private he'd get more money. wall street money he took big
1:44 am
pharma money, general electric money. the whole game changed there because he never made any kind of move on wall street. with the obama health plan, the pharma suiticcal companies are going to do very, very well. >> that's a real progressive and pointing out things that are true. the pharmaceutical companies did win, wall street did win the defense contractors did win. it would be nice if a democratic was really a progressive for a change. >> checking out his show time series and book, "the untold history of the united states." >> when we come back, an interesting conversation with richard rockefeller. and he says the rich, including
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>> cenk: we're back on the "young turks." there's a group called responsible wealth coming out and saying taxes need to be
1:48 am
higher whether it's capital gains, dividends and especially estate tax. bill gates sr. robert rubin abigail disney, and richard rockefeller, one of the heirs to the rockefeller fortune. bush lowered the estate tax. how much did that cough us? $536 billion over 10 years. where did that money go? to the richest .3%. they got an extra $536 billion. what does president obama do? of course, as always, he splits the baby. the state tax used to a ply for families above $2 million. he said let's move it to $7.5 million. bush wanted to move it to $10 million. the rate used to be at high at 55%, now president obama wants to make it 45%.
1:49 am
what happens? we save some of the money that bush cost us, but still leave $256 billion going to the richest .3%. some of the people in that richest .3% say we shouldn't do that. we should make estate taxes even higher than obama's proposing because we need the money for the rest of the programs that this country desperately needs and rich have enough. to back up their point the forbes top 400 richest people in the country net worth in 1982 of $213 billion, now a net worth of $1.7 trillion. the money already got moved to the top. we don't need more of that. the guy who agrees with me is richard rockefeller. i talked to him earlier today asking him if his kids are angry with him because he's giving away a bigger chunk of his
1:50 am
estate. >> not at all cenk. my children agree with me that an inheritance is not just material, that the world that we live in, the social infrastructure the physical infrastructure, the quality of life for other people around you all make a difference to what you are inheriting, and so, if you have to give up a little bit of money but you have a world that's better to live in, the environment is better or the social structure is better, that counts toward the inheritance and they fully agree with that. >> responsible wealth says we should increase the estate tax that would take a significant amount of money obviously away, but raising the capital gains rate the dividend rate, that would take a significant amount of money out of your pocket, i imagine, since i imagine you
1:51 am
have some investments in those categories. there's so many rich people who fight so hard. i get it, they say that's going to cost me tens of thousands hundreds of thousands, for some millions of dollars yet you're willing to do it. why? >> i always turn the question around. are we really interested in money or are we interested in a good life and happiness? if we're really interested in money, then yeah, fight for every last dime, but if you're interested in a good life for you and the people that you love and care about, for yourself, then money simply isn't the whole story. so a strong democracy the kind of place that creates opportunity for people to come along, and make their own way all of those count toward a good life, and that's what i support here. if the money doesn't come out of the pockets of wealthy people to restore our infrastructure, et
1:52 am
cetera it's going to come out of somebody's pocket. the other infrastructure, i believe, it is a moral one that it's immoral to say ok, we can take it from everybody else, but we can't take it from wealth why people. >> there's two arguments. the economic argument that imbalance to the degree we have now is dangerous for our economy. we had this kind of inequality right before the great depression and right before the 2008 crash. the other argument is a moral one, saying wait a minute, capital gains and dividends being 15% less than what the average guy pays that makes so much less money is fundamentally unfair. when you present that argument, how do they answer, other rich folks? yeah, i should pay less than the average guy in america even though i have so much more? >> i'm not an economist and i don't engage in that level of
1:53 am
detail. first of all i hang out with regular people, not necessarily rich people. i think what some people would say is that capital itself is a driver of progress, and growth and so fort, and so if you tax capital too heavily like in capital gains you actually diminish the potential for investment in new opportunities be they conventional growth opportunities or alternative new investments in alternative energy. so i get both sides of that. and honestly, on the fairness and moral side, that only goes so far, too. what i try to convince people and when you frame it this way pretty much everybody gets it. again, it is not -- i consider myself to be selfish here, at least 50% the other side may be partly moral. i'm selfish because i'm interested in having a good life and i want my kids to have a good life and that depends more than anythingen oh the country and the world that they live in.
1:54 am
>> dr. richard rockefeller thank you for joining us. we really appreciate it. >> it's been a pleasure, thanks. >> cenk: as he shows you don't have to be a rockefeller to help a fella but it doesn't hurt, either. >> when we come back, if you pay attention, you know who the every day presents another exciting issue. from financial regulation, fraud on wall street. things everyday exploding around the world that leave no shortage for exciting conversations. at the end of the show, you know what has happened, why its happened and more importantly, what's going to happen tomorrow.
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>> cenk: jimmy foxx was doing a monologue about his new movie and the theme was how black is that. this got fox news very angry. let's watch. >> it is good to be black. black is the new white. i'm telling you how black is this right here? nice fly here.
1:57 am
i play a sleigh. how black is that? [ laughter ] and in the movie, i have to wear chains. how whack is that? but don't be worried about it because i get out the chains, i get three, i save my wife and i kill all the white people in the movie. how great is that? >> cenk: how great killing white people. really? oh, my god outrage! can you imagine if a slave got free and actually saved his wife and then killed the people who were enslaving him? that would have been outrageous. wait a minute. then they had this complaint too. >> i guess i'm just going to have to accept that liberals can say anything and it can be racial. it can be bigoted. it could be hateful and it's okay. is that just the way it's going to be in america from now on? >> cenk: i love that. and of course, all black panel he asks them who
1:58 am
1:59 am